Maldives is a tropical country which comprises of over 1900 coral islands. The population being scattered all over from North to South of the country and the fact that our economy is heavily dependent on fishing, has made sea transportation a necessity. However, our vessels do encounter numerous dangers while at sea, resulting in huge losses both physical and financial. It is our objective to indemnify you against these losses.

What does it cover?

Marine Hull takaful is a cover on vessels against risks connected with its navigational operations. It covers damages to the boat, machinery and equipment’s etc. during their operation within the specified trading limits.

Main Clauses

  1. Institute Time Clauses Hulls Total Loss Only The policy covers total loss of the vessel covered in addition to salvage.
  2. Institute Time Clauses Hulls Full Cover The policy covers partial and total loss (actual total loss and constructive total loss) of the vessel covered caused by the following perils in addition to salvage.

List of risks covered

What other options are available? (Add-ons)

Passenger/ Crew liability Takaful

It covers loss of life, bodily injury and property damage of crews and passengers arising out of the operation of the covered vessel.

Documents required

The following documents have to be presented with: