Application Forms 

Travelers Takaful Form

Public Liability Takaful 

Plant Machinery and Equipment Takaful

Motor Third Party Takaful Form 

Motor Comprehensive Takaful Form

Money Takaful Form

Consequential Loss Takaful Form

Hull Takaful Form

Home Takaful Form

Hajj and Umrah Takaful Form

Fire Takaful Form

Contractors All Risk Takaful Form

Cargo Takaful Form

Boat Building Takaful Wording

Corporate Health Takaful Application Form

Health Individual Takaful Form

Expatriate Takaful Form 

Family Takaful

Guest House Takaful Form

Kaarisa Takaful Form

Group Personal Accident Takaful Form

Machinery Breakdown Takaful Form

Fidelity Guarantee Takaful Form

Electronic Equipment Takaful Form

Erection All Risk Takaful Form

Dive Equipment Takaful Form

Work Progress Report Form

Professional Indemnity Takaful Form

Group Term Takaful Form

Claim Forms

Cargo Claim Form

Hajj Umrah Claim Form

Health Claim Form

Hull Claim Form

Motor (Comprehensive ) Claim Form

Motor (Third Party) Claim Form

Property Claim Form

Travel Claim Form

Expatriate Health Claim Form

Recommendation Form For Ticket Reimbursement


Medical Center Panel

Expatriate Medical Center Panel

Product Model Disclosure Sheet (Dhivehi)

Product Model Disclosure Sheet (English)

Health Takaful Overseas Cashless Referral Form

Renewal Request Form

Cheque Acceptance Form


Public Liability Takaful

Plant, Machinery & Equipment Takaful

Motor Takaful

Money Takaful

Hull Takaful

Home Takaful

Hajj and Umrah Takaful Wording (English)

Group Personal Accident Takaful

Fire Takaful

Dive Equipment Takaful

Contractors All Risk Takaful

Ayady Saving Takaful

Child Education Takaful Brochure

Consequential Loss Takaful

Cargo Takaful

Boat Building Takaful

Expatriate Takaful

Kaarisaa Takaful

Al-SHIFA – Basic & Excel Brochure

Takaful Contracts (Certificate Wordings)

AIM Clause

Al-Shifa Takaful Wording

Boat Building Takaful Wording

ITC Hulls Takaful (fullcover) Wording

ITC Hulls Takaful (TLO) Wording

Commercial Vessels Third Party Liability Wording

Consequential Loss Takaful Wording

Contractors All Risk Takaful Wording

Dive Equipment Takaful Wording

Fire Takaful Wording

Hajj and Umrah Takaful Wording

Expatriate Takaful Wording

Home Takaful Wording

Home Takaful (BML Islamic Only)

Motor Takaful Wording (Comprehensive)

Motor Takaful Wording (TPL Only)

Cargo Takaful Wording

Money Takaful Wording

Plant,Machinery & Equipment Takaful Wording

Public liability Takaful Wording

Hajj & Umrah Takaful Certificate Wording (Dhivehi Summary)

Professional Indemnity Takaful Wording

Machinery Breakdown Takaful Wording

Fidelity Guarantee Takaful Wording

Erection All Risk Takaful Wording

Electronic Equipment Takaful Wording

Travelers Takaful Wording

Group Personal Accident Wording

Group Health Takaful Wording